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When it comes to cars there is not a shortage of things that can be said. Today, a world without cars or other types of vehicles is almost unimaginable. Imagine going to work on a horse-drawn chariot! Anyway the auto industry has come a long way since the first automobile was invented in the late 19th century. Today, to make, transport, or even own a car requires that you comply with many government regulations. For a manufacturer, motor trade insurance or trade insurance as many call it is something you must have.

Matters of trade insurance aside, it is hard to talk about cars without talking about car manufacturers. As you well know, as customers look to buy their first car the first question they probably ask is what the brand is or who makes the car. The brand represents the maker or simply put the manufacturer of the particular vehicle and as a car lover this is really important.

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About Car Manufacturers

There are different types of car manufacturers situated all over the world. Each car manufacturer strives to build a car that is both unique and efficient for a certain purpose. That is why you will find that different manufacturers will specialize in certain types of cars while others will produce a range of different types of vehicles. All this depends on the manufacturer's capacity and also heritage.

A manufacturer, unlike a motor dealer, is required by law and also ethics to make sure that whatever car leaves the factory are safe to drive and will not be a danger to society. Today special consideration is also given to fuel efficiency and effect to the environment. Some governments have even put levies on carbon emissions.

Car Dealers, Manufacturers and Insurance

As an individual, rarely will you buy a car or a vehicle straight from the manufacturer unless you are buying one of those exclusive ultra-expensive cars. Car dealers however as well as shippers get to buy vehicles straight from the manufacturer and they will tell you that different cars come with their own set of regulations when it comes to insurance.
Although all vehicle dealers are required to have trade insurance, the manufacturer you receive your vehicles from may require you to take additional insurance cover especially for high end vehicles. This is mainly as a result of the price, the level of technology used in the vehicles or just because of the heritage the manufacturer represents.

Manufacturers and Shipping

This one is especially for dealers and companies that specialise in shipping. Just the way different goods require different ways of transportation, the same applies to shipping vehicles. Some cars will be transported by ship as they don't cost much and require less care while some customers as well as manufacturers will prefer that some cars be airlifted to their destinations.
Transporting cars using whichever means has its own set of risks and challenges. However dealers as well as shippers try to use different insurance policies to cover for any eventualities.